Radar Premieres: B/N (The Field Remix)

Minimal techno maestro The Field has gotten his very first music video! Behind this visual debut is duo B/N, who’s given Axel’ remix of their song My Head My Ruin a sort of “hypnotic rave scene from Virgin Suicides“. Radar is proud to give you the premiere.

We also had a quick chat with Per Nordmark (who’s also a member of Kriget) and filmmaker Marko Bandobranski to hear more about their interesting art/film/music-hybrid of a project.

What made you guys want to create this project in the first place?
– It started off as an experiment, we decided to create the music and the videos simultaneously to see what happens, some kind of method to get away from the conventional and boring structures which are way easy to get stuck in, you wanna get lost.

We’ve been involved in each other’s work before and share the same artistic preferences and mindset when we’re creating. With that said it was inevitable to stay away from the minor melodies and the slightly skewed imagery.

How come you did a remix-collab with The Field? Who called whom?
– Axel (The Field) is an old friend and his music is a big inspiration for both of us, so we called him.
Bandobranski: – I know he is found of working with vocals so I thought he would enjoy this song, cutting up Kicki Halmos voice.

What were your thoughts behind the remix-video?
– Well it’s a remix of the official video, the aim was to maintain the same feeling within those flickering thoughts inside that house, the room, the head. It looks like an image from some hypnotic rave scene in Virgin Suicides. Also it’s the video debut for The Field, we wouldn’t miss that opportunity!

There seems to be a constant darkness present in the B/N-work, how come?
Nordmark: – It contains a lot of humour and beauty as well, it’s like a patchwork, like life itself, some people laugh, some are crying and some are screaming…

Bandobranski: – The dark and violent aesthetics have always been fascinating. I guess the weird and unpleasant is a clear and easy path to escape moral and logical thinking in order to get closer to the feeling, the subconscious and the uncontrolled, that’s where it happens!

How long will you continue this project?
– It’s gonna to result into a EP with an associated film. The film will also be shown as an art installation. We will be doing a couple of live shows during this year and are currently working on a bigger exhibition. We are here to stay!