Radar Premieres: Ida Redig’s mini documentary

Watch rising pop star Ida Redig fly to London, perform, make a song about being hungry, make funny noises and get her press pics taken – all, and more, in the mini documentary London Calling, premiering here at Radar.

One day Ida Redig got a call from another Ida who asked her if she wanted to come to London and play at a Skullcandy event. Guess what, she most certainly did! At that time though, Ida was on quite a tight schedule, being on tour with Swedish pop legends Kent, recording a video and planning on taking new press photos. Luckily, a compromise was struck.

Ida’s crew came to London to both record the video and take the pictures there instead. And the trip ended up resulting in even more visual material: a mini documentary showing Ida and her entourage in action, in the British capital.
– The documentary is all about the trip from the time we met up at Gothenburg Airport until we got back all tired after a few days, Ida explains.

The trip seems to have been really intense! Is it always like that when you and your crew travel?
– Hehe, no not all the time, or, it’s intense, like logistic but, we don’t party that much after the gigs nowadays. The more you play and have a tight schedule the more you need to stay focused on what your doing. If I drink or go crazy the night after a gig, or like anytime, it’s going to affect my work because my voice is my instrument. I always give my crew all the drinks and beer backstage and the drink tickets. They go bananas and sleep all the way home often. But I can admit that this gig was really intense with everything and our hostess Ida Holmén was great.

Do you like travelling?
– I love it, nowadays I do more weekend trips, they’re really good and not that expensive. You can eat some food, go bananas at night and see the city centre during the day. Or just get away to be at a hotel for two days.

Where would you like to go if you could choose? 
– I miss Australia and Sydney, it’s like heaven on earth. It was with a trip to Sydney that my whole career started for real when I said to myself “fuck it, I’m doing this now”. I didn’t get the days off, but I told them to fuck off and went anyway, like a little rebel. And I would really like to go to Tokyo, and my friend Lisa recommended Iceland and the hot water springs.

You’re planning on releasing several EP:s, starting with I Will Fight That Man. I Will Fight Anyone. Why the specific arrangement with EP:s?
– Until some days ago it was the big plan, but we changed the next single to It Ain’t Easy and we’ll see how we’ll release everything. It’s actually four albums stripped to four EP:s, and the difficult part is to decide which songs to release. But the plan was that every EP has it’s own sound while still being me, my songs and my voice. I like showing my potential doing music. I’m really talented at writing songs. Just because I can sing pop it doesen’t mean that I can’t do other arrangements.

What can we expect from I Will Fight That Man I Will Fight Anyone
– The title is all about having to reach your goals no matter what. I wanna die happy, it’s important for me. When I’m six feet under I wanna feel that most of the decisions were my decisions, even if everything got fucked up, it was my decision. I think that in my line of work there can only be one person on the top, you can only get one Swedish Grammy for best Album, Artist etc. I’m gonna be there on the top – that’s what you can expect from me and my songs. The songs are top notch and I got a really good producer and mixer for the songs.

You’ve sung in Swedish a few times (I really like Se mig!), will you do it again?
– I’m really glad to her that you like it! I got a really good response singing in Swedish, and: Yes! I will release more Swedish songs. I already have some finished, but everything needs time. I don’t have the whole business plan ready for it, i don’t know if I’m going to release it under my name and when. Now all the focus is on my next single It Ain’t Easy and the four EP:s.

What are your goals for the near future?
– To Fight That Man, To Fight Anyone – It Ain’t Easy, (if it was, everyone would do it) and getting my Ferrari.

Watch the mini documentary London Calling below, and listen to Ida’s new single It Ain’t Easy – released today! – even further down.