Radar Premieres: Julia Vero

Radar gives you an exclusive first look at Julia Vero’s video for her single How Does It Feel. The single that is co- produced by Oskar Sikow (f.m. Kate Boy) and Stefan Storm (The Sound Of Arrows) will be her first release of 2014.

Julia started off as a member of the 70’s influenced rock band The Federals, and has during her short time as an artist experienced life as an opening act for several famous bands. Julia herself states that music is what makes her wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night and she want’s the listener to have the same kind of experience. The video is created by Hedvig Ahlberg from the motion- graphics- office Jelly in London. The 3 minute video consists of 2000 pictures combined with a video.  

Watch the video for Julia Vero’s How Does It Feel below. 


Photography by Sandra Thorsson