Radar Premieres: MODESTIJ (Saturday, Monday Remix)

Saturday, Monday just made a guilty pleasure remix of MODESTIJ’s song COLD LOVE, describing being stuck in a loop between breakup and sex. Check out the premiere!

Saturday, Monday-Ludvig just recently put out the video for Late featuring Newtimers and Ji Nilsson, a beautiful and emotional portrait of both the ups and downs in a relationship. The same theme has also inspired fellow Stockholmer MODESTIJ’s song COLD LOVE.

The meaning behind the track is described as “a cold war between two people who really love each other. Dedicated to everyone that’s ever been stuck in a loop between breakup and sex”.

So it’s quite fitting in other words, that Saturday, Monday decided to remix MODESTIJs heartache-meets-lust song. The two are no strangers to each other, and have worked together both on Breakup’s video Bubble (That Peter ‘MODESTIJ’ directed) and with live-show visuals.

We asked Ludvig to tell us a bit about their collab and his remake, premiering below. This is what he told us:

“I think we have a kind of similar creative philosophy in that we both like to combine ideas that are very conventional (or commercially accessible) with ideas that are more.. ‘out there’.

I think the original of COLD LOVE is genius but kind of crazy so I felt like it called for a more straight forward ‘guilty pleasure’ remix and I think it ended up sitting really well with the vocals.”