Radar Premieres: Neeco Delaf

Soft synthesizers, jazzy vocals, sound philosophy and a teenage crush are all included in today’s triple premiere. Check out the two house tracks plus video signed Neeco Delaf, first at Radar.

Electronic musician Neeco Delaf is behind today’s triple premiere here at Radar, giving us both two songs with chill electro beats and an introduction video.

The first song’s called Anthropology and had its main structure created during one long night in Neeco’s flat in Stockholm. That added a city night vibe to it. “The song builds up from layers of soft synthesizers, lounge vocals (some may recognize bits of my own voice), guitar riffs that were recorded with a friend back in London a few years ago, and kalimba from an island off the coast of Africa. Anthropology is the study of mankind, past and present, and I thought it was a powerful idea to associate with the track”, Neeco says about the soft house track.

Up next is Paradise inspired by a text that Neeco’s friend wrote about running into his teenage crush in the underground after years had passed – and things had changed. “The text was rather melancholic, and I tried to transpose this feeling to an instrumental backing track. From there the song evolved and the melody and lyrics that are now on the track came very naturally”, Neeco says.

He’d recorded some saxophone towards the end of the song and then got introduced to Swedish vocalist Felicia (Fly Nicole) who’s jazzy and smoky vocals added the perfect end touch to the track. “The song talks about the transition from adolescence to adult age, associated with mixed feelings of loss of reference, despair and at the same time hope for a ‘paradise’ very personal to each of us.”

Listen to both releases from Swedish house label House Music With Love below and check out the video introducing Neeco further down.