Radar Premieres: Nina K (Tight Silk Remix)

“Like looking at the sun through a glass of
Caipirinha (<—insert favourite drink)” – listen to Tight Silk’s dance floor ready remix of Nina K’s pop ballad.

Nina Kinert shortened her music alias to simply Nina K in April, with the release of her single Impossible. The track is inspired by divas from her childhood: Sade, Sinead, Enya – and of course, Mariah.

Not long ago Tomas Barfod made a remix of the song and now it’s time for Josefine Fagerström a.k.a. Tight Silk to put her touch on it. Josefine wanted to take the song to the dance floor, so she slowed everything down and doubled the tempo. “Then I sliced up and looped some of the sounds. I also used TB303 samples from the Roland XP-10 synth to make the groovy bass line, the same 90ies synthesizer that is actually the main instrument on Nina K’s upcoming album. The remix ends with a high life outro on the Impossible-theme”, she told us.

We also asked Nina herself so say a little something about the remix.

The original song is partly sprung from the longing to get away from ’dark weather’. The dreaming of beaches. Tight Silk has turned it into the colour of glittering pool water on a bright slow day. Like looking at the sun through a glass of Caipirinha (<—insert favourite drink)

Push play below to hear the premiere of the Impossible remix. And why not treat yourself to your fav drink, to test out Nina’s metaphor?