Radar Premieres: No Science

Jukka Rintamäki (of Silverbullit) and Johan Skugge make dark, beat driven electronic music under the alias No Science. Their debut album, which includes a guest appearance by El Perro del Mar, is on its way but the first single Bits has arrived already. Radar gives you the premiere of both the song and its flickering music video directed by Jon Lindroth. We also asked the duo some quick questions about their project.

How would you describe your song Bits?
– Like seeing an old friend. A hug, a beer and a smile. Like a walk home from a disappointing night out through slush at 4 in the morning, but embracing the misery of it somehow.

You’ve made music for Battlefield. In what way does making music for a game differ from making music in general?
– You respond differently when you put yourself in new situations and in new collaborations. Making music for a game is not that different. It’s just another situation. We had to minimize some of the Battlefield ingame music so it didn’t steal too much focus from everything else in the game, but we use the same instruments and have developed a sound world that we’re creating music from.

Your music is very dark and atmospheric, if it represented a specific place, what would it be?
– I guess where we’re from – Nordic woods and plains. Vast landscapes with no people.

What are your plans for this year?
– Some non-scientific audio research and making plans for 2016. But we do release our debut album Lucky Resident March 17th and we’re super stoked about it. It’s like having a coffee.