Radar Premieres: savantx

savantx is the name of a new music duo that creates dreamy alternative R&B in Swedish. The duo consists of Emil Björnius and Allan Saed and Radar is realeasing their double debut-singles today: “Känner mig” and “Permanent”.

Wikipedia describes the word savant as a neuropsychiatric syndrome that involves a combination of special skills and cognitive deficits. If you add an “x” to the end of the word, it has got a completely different meaning.
Radar had a chat with one half of the duo, Emil Björnius to ask a little more about their debut and what happens next.


Who are you?
– We are two friends from Örebro and Karlskoga. We’ve been making music together for three years or so. We’ve always had pretty much the same preferences; both of us wants to make dreamy and atmospheric R&B.

How did you guys meet?
– I ran a music blog a while ago and announced a competition where people could send in their music. Allan sent his instrumental EP that I liked so much that he won. Then after the competition I contacted him on Facebook and asked if he wanted to collaborate.

How would you describe your debut singles?
– It’s about breakups and unrequited love. I don’t know why, but everyone has been there. It’s very relatable.


Why do you call yourselfs savantx?
– Actually I got stuck on the word Savant. With the same meaning as Dustin Hoffmans autism in Rainman + the word sounds good.

What happens next?
– Hopefully we are releasing our EP sometime during this coming spring. Keep your eyes open!