Radar Premieres: Urban Cone & Tove Lo

Not long ago we premiered the chopped up nature experience that is the lyric video for Come Back to Me. Now, after some travel, use of a selfie stick and animal attacks, Urban Cone and Tove Lo’s song has also been given a proper music video.

Urban Cone got the idea for their song Come Back to Me after a third wheel experience during a night out. “It’s a love song describing the desperation of love”, they’ve told us.

The track, featuring Tove Lo, is taken off the band’s newly released album Polaroid Memories and has now been matched with a super summery music video. It was recorded on Crete and seems to have been quite a sweet deal. Except some encounters with the wilderness. The band told us a bit about it:

“We shot this in Greece, and reeeally loved it. As you can see it was sort of like being on vacay with your best friends. One particular thing that happened was that Jacob was attacked by a weird animal, he got big bites all over his body, we never saw the beast but we all felt it, a small shiver by a breeze that passed by.”

Watch the Swedish premiere of Come Back to Me below. Plus, check out Urban Cone’s polaroid diary from SXSW here.