Radar Premieres: Wilderness

Learn how to make Thai soup in Wilderness’ new video for Tomorrow Will Be Different! Radar gives you a first look at the psychedelic, neon coloured recipe.

The suggestion for Wilderness’ new video came from their Thai label Colorcore Records, who’d been working with director Tokin Teekanun before. The indie band liked both the idea of working with creative people from around the world, and the thought of getting closer to local scenes (in this case Thailand where they’re playing next month.)

Radar is now proud to present the result of the cross-continental collaboration. Below is the video premiere of Wilderness’ dreamy Tomorrow Will Be Different (off their newly released EP This World is Not Ours), in which we’re taught how to make the classic Thai soup Tom Yum Kung.

This is what the band itself has to say about their cute recipe video:

“We think the video is nice and special. It’s kinda psychedelic and skew but fits the songs summery drive very well. How Tokin interpreted the song’s quite dark lyrics into a soup and the dissecting of shrimps (?) is however a mystery to us.”