Radar Mix: Eija Skarsgård

This week’s mixtape is created by none other than the successful nightclub owner and former model Eija Skarsgård. Earlier this year she lived in LA where she worked within the field of event planing but is now back on Swedish soil. This upcoming Saturday she will be hosting the Lounge Backstreet during the Way Out West festival along with Radar Magazine, Saurabh Sinah and Damon Rasti. 

Tell us more about your mixtape.
– This playlist is a mix of songs I love to listen to. I mostly listen to hip hop and that’s also mainly the music I play when i DJ. Recently I’ve found it more interesting to mix hip hop, both old and new, with other music that makes you want to dance. A lot of these songs are perfect to listen to this time a year because they give you the best summer feeling.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– On a warm summer night, dancing outdoors until the sun comes up. The last two songs are for the peak of the party.

What can we expect from your upcoming release / show / DJ-set?
– On the last Daytime party we hosted during Way Out West, people ended up dancing on top of the bar counter, sofas and each other and we had to extend the party two hours because no one wanted to leave. I expect this and more from the party we’re having this year.

Photography by Erik Günther