Radar Mix: Hans Berg

Swedish musician, remixer and producer Hans Berg is providing us with this week’s mix tape which is from one of his live sets. Berg mostly produces and performs a mixture of house and techno music and has done many collaborations with video artist Nathalie Djurberg, where he creates all the music and sounds for her videos. Together they’ve showed off their work in well known museums and art spaces. In August he released his solo EP Machines

Tell us more about your mixtape.
– I don’t DJ, I only do live sets, so it’s a live set i recorded in my studio. I have a couple of synths, effects, controllers and my computer for it. What’s nice when i record it at home is that i can use more stuff than in a club, because it would be too much to carry with me. Anyway, it’s only my own material, some released music and some unreleased, but they all blend in to each other. I try not to play track after track, but rather make new things out of my material. It’s somewhere between house and techno I’d say. Melodic techno sounds bad but that’s kind of what it is.

When do you think one should listen to it?
Ooh, when you are driving, cooking, lying down, running, cleaning…

What can people expect from your live sets?
– I always try to push myself, improvise as much as I can, do new things and change it up, that’s what’s fun with playing live. So people should expect some mistakes, and that’s the whole point with a live set, that it’s not perfect, but someone is actually making the tracks up as they go, when it gets good it can become really organic. It should not sound like someone is playing records I think, it has to be something different.

My favorite moments are when I do something and notice the audience like it, and then stretch it and push it as much as I can. Before I played the same tracks all the time, but now I have much more material, and I try not to make any two live sets sound the same. On stage I try to bring as much stuff as possible, I think the most boring thing is to look at some person staring at their laptop. I’m always super concentrated though so i guess i stare at my synths and controllers. I try to keep everything raw and hi energy, and i hope that translates to the audience as well. Sometimes i have visuals that swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg made for my live set, they are synched to the live set. I really like when i can show those, they are fantastic, hand drawn stop motion, semi-abstract visuals.

Visit his Facebook page here and listen to his EP Machines here