Radar Mix: Julia Frej

Stockholm- based musician and TV hostess Julia Frej is delivering today’s mixtape for Radar. She is known for being one part of the humor duo “Kakan and Julia” and her role in the reality show Ink Master Sweden. Along with Daniel Redgert, Michaela Hamilton and Pontus de Wolfe, Frej represents the new version of the club/bar Kåken in Stockholm that premiere opens today. They’re taking over after Salvan Scappini and are looking forward to developing the concept and focusing more on live acts and broadening the repertoire of DJs. 

Date: Friday August 22
Time: 22.00- 02.00
Location: Kåken
Address: Regeringsgatan 66

Tell us more about your mixtape.
– This is a playlist that describes what I played a lot in the beginning, in bars and even at Kåken. Blues, soul, rock. Sometimes people wondered if my topic of the night was “a Tarantino soundtrack?” and I guess I got a lot of my music-interest  from movie soundtracks. Theatrical dirty music. But it is not something I’ve planned to do. Nowadays when there’s a dance floor I play more hits, and hiphop/eletronic music. If I play rock it is usally from the 60’s (and the acid) or modern rock like The Black Keys, QOTSA and so on.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– At the pre party maybe? Or after. Haha. I can always dance to this. But, it is not the trendiest thing right now. Especially not at Stureplan. I love to play old swedish political hits while playing records at F12, Spy Bar, Obaren and so on. People get surprised and happy. I love it.

What can we expect from your the upcoming club at Kåken, will you be playing?
– I want more live music at Kåken. Rappers, MC’s, singing DJ’s, epic singers like Kristin Amparo or Sabina DDumba that suddenly appears lying on the bar sippin on a coctail, singing the blues or latest hit. Even more bands. I loved playing with my band at Kåken, the environment is perfect and the soundsystem is also good, Kåken is a intimate place for live music and surprises. I want the old goldies and new dj’s that will make your heart beat faster. All genres. Dancers, poets, comedians, fools. But the most important thing is to keep the good friendly mood. I guess I often will play, my own music as well, and maybe invite for example the techhouse duo PANG and sing with them. I will try to play more beats and more new music from all the amazing new artist we see today. Put a light on the punk of our time. I will have a club night with TommieX, the money goes to the civil right defenders in Russia. I hope to bring in Femtastic. If possible I happily dance for something that will make the world a better place. I’ll also do random funny things like a 90’s party with Eija Skarsgård and Leona Axelsen, brown lipmarkers and pink fur, shitty hits and nostalgia. And I’ve always dreamed of having an Absinth-corner with a Absinth-fairy serving our lovely guests at the pre party.

Which music do you think defines Kåken?
– Hiphop/r’n’b, pop/rock, a lot of new swedish music. Electronic music.