Radar Mix: Koorosh Feizi with Söndagsbus

Koorosh Feizi is a local DJ who started his club ventures with the concept SWOON. Since then he has earned quite a reputation, becoming a frequently booked DJ in Stockholm’s top clubs as well as a respected selector in its underground scene. You might have caught him playing at mmmmm, 2.35:1, F12, Moon Motel, Laika or at some of the residencies and parties PoK, Badhus, or Bushus.

Emotions control the turntables when Koorosh plays, for better or worse. Whenever and wherever he plays, he brings his slowly evolving minimalistic sound involving deep techno, selective house and blippy electro. All on vinyl. Söndagsbus is recorded on a Sunday morning, somewhere in Stockholm, on an ambivalent journey together through both joy and sadness.

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