Radar Mix: Maya Lourenço

This week’s mix tape is by Swedish DJ and producer Maya Lourenço who plays under he own name and under Lemieux. Allow yourself to be swept away by some of her favorite tracks this Tuesday.

Tell us more about your mix tape.
– It’s a mix with some of my favorite tracks from this summer and are those kind of tracks that really makes me understand why I love playing records and why I love music! These tracks really makes my body move without me even thinking about it.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– At preparties and afterparties and on the tube or whenever you feel like it. I think it works in alot of situations cause it’s deep but very forward and jacking at the same time.
Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?  
– Still working on a lot of music, both techno and house, but I’m having a really hard time finishing the stuff. My goal is to make an EP before new years. Same goal as last year haha.