Radar Mix: Y+M live dj mix

This week starts off with a new fresh mixtape by the swedish DJ duo Y+M. Ylva Lundberg and Malin Evrenos are known for delivering heavy beats and enchanting melodies all over bars and clubs in Sweden. They also happen to be bloggers here at Radar, read their blog here while you enjoy their exclusive live dj mix. 

Tell us more about your mixtape, when do you think one should listen to it?
– It’s a live recorded mixtape with a selection of fun and cool tracks we are into at the moment! We love making people dance of course but the mix is also good for eating soup and petting rabbits.

Is there anything in particular you like to listen to during this time a year?
– Less breezy terrace tracks and more concrete-floor stomping stuff in dark dusty cellars.

WTFF preview 1

What are your plans for the fall?
– Oh, lots of things! We have 2 monthly club nights at the moment, one is Monokrom at Slakthuset where we are flying in some of the world’s best techno DJ:s and producers to play with us. So far this fall we have had Blawan and Norman Nodge and on Friday (3/10) James Ruskin is coming over from London.

– We also have a monthly night at Marie Laveau that we call White Trash Fast Food, which is more focused on creating an outrageous house party vibe with lots of crazy decor, face paint for everyone, free food and jumping on all the furntiture. Here we are bringing in friends to play with us, and mixing both techno and house music. Next one is 17/10.

– Apart from Stockholm we have some gigs planned in Uppsala, Malmö & Gothenburg and maybe something outside of Sweden as well!