Radar Mixtape: DJ Dirtbag

DJ Dirtbag, Gabriella Ekman, gives us this week’s mixtape, which is filled with the latest hip hop and R&B music. The mixtape is perfect for the pre-party and simply the best way to start off the weekend.

What have you been up to lately?
– I’ve been DJing more than ever, both at clubs with Håll Käften och Dansa and by myself as Dirtbag, and at the theatre in a play called Ronja Rövardotter. Working and living life.

Tell us about your mixtape? 
– My mixtape is a tape with some new hiphop music. Some of my fave songs right now that I both listen to at home and play at the club. A mix of Kanye, Drake, Beyonce & DJ Mustard.

Describe the ultimate place and time to listen to it.
– The ultimate place is definitely at a pre-party, with loud volume and heavy bass. It’s also perfect to play in your car cruising around with the windows down.

Which DJs do you like ? 
– I love Major Lazer & Diplo. All three of us share the same energy when DJing.

Which DJ gig was your all time favorite?
– It’s so hard to pic a favorite gig.. I want to say that a favorite gig was in Thailand at the Re:Earth festival, when we played at different beaches on different islands together with other Swedish artists and DJs like 2-3 years ago BUT we had a magical night last summer playing at Berns Terass and I just smile when I think about the people dancing everywhere and sweating and laughing. It was perfect.

What are your plans for the summer?
– After my vacation in Vietnam the summer in Sweden is the time at year when I play 7 times a week. So I suppose I will be sweating my ass off all around Sweden.