Radar Mixtape: Gärigheter

Founded after a lost phone and some fries, the female collective Gärigheter, gives us this week’s mixtape. With focus on the queens and warriors of hip hop the mixtape is best enjoyed when played extra loud so that you can find your inner Queen.

When was Gärigheter founded?
– Gärigheter was founded a late night in October 2013. We started out as a duo but has now formed into a beautiful female collective. That night, one of these two girls had their iphone stolen at a club in Stockholm where the other girl had just had one of her worst DJ-gigs. So they went home together to fill their sorrows with comfort food from McDonalds and talked about the importance of sisterhood in the music scene. We don’t know if it was the love for the fries or the love for each other, but from that night, this beautiful family of Gärigheter was created.

How did you choose the name?
– It was actuality the name of a Whatsapp group from the beginning where amazing stuff/stories/feelings where shared. The word is a mashup of “Gäri”, which is slang for girl and is put together with the word “Härligheter” which roughly translates to loveliness. So Gäri + Härligheter = Gärigheter. Your ultimate dream come true.

What are your core values?
– The things we always have in mind is to work for diversity and an equal music scene. Also to distance hip hop from the negative associations it has today and focus on solidarity, love and sisterhood. This is because we see the importance in working together and sharing everything in the group, the ups, the downs, the highs and the lows. Why one may think,  because we believe in a community where we help each other and share the love at all time.

Tell us about your mixtape!
We are having a club premier on June 12th at Babel Malmö and wanted to give you a sneakpeak of what you can expect that friday. So this mixtape is all about power. The queens and warriors of hiphop. Or as we like to call it, the Very Important Punani.

Describe the ultimate place and time to listen to it?
– When and were don’t matter, the only thing we want from you is to play it as loud as you can and embrace your inner Queen!

What are your future goals?
– There are so many things we want to do and accomplish, but the main focus will be to open doors where music, culture and stories we think should get more attentions, comes together. We just want to keep working together and make voices that are not necessarily heard come to the surface, same thing with certain topics that have a been taboo. In what shape and form we’ll do this is yet to see.

Don’t forget to check out their event Very Important Punani on June 12th.

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