Radar Mixtape: Ladies Love Hip Hop

This week’s mixtape is brought to you by the DJ quartet Ladies Love Hip Hop. The mixtape is named Lumiére and is a mix between R&B and Hip Hop that’s best enjoyed riding around town. And tonight they’re having their event at Södra Teatern, check it out here.


Who are LLHH?
– LadiesLoveHiphop is a collective consisting of four visionaries who believe strongly in the potential of the Swedish hip hop scene. Hip hop is becoming a more mainstream genre in the Swedish music industry and we want to bring that growth into the club scene. Our whole concept grew from that we were sick and tired of always getting the same experience whenever we, as a group of friends, went out clubbing and felt like it was time for a group of young thinkers to blow some fresh air into the game. So we’re basically four hip hop-loving dreamers who love the culture so much that we want to push it forward towards new heights. And just to clarify, we were not inspired by Love And Hip Hop when naming the collective… We just happen to be four ladies who love hip hop haha.

Tell us about your mixtape!
– This time we did a mix tape based on what we are listening to at the moment and something that you’re able to play at different occasions. It’s a perfect mix tape for everyone who wants something relaxed and chill yet sexy and slightly up-tempo. It’s a trap-mixtape, but don’t get scared by the word trap. The tape is something that isn’t out there at the moment and we guarantee you it will set you in the right mood no matter where you’re going.

Describe the ultimate place and time to listen to it.
– The ultimate time and place for our mixtape is definitely during a ride through the city. Especially when the evening is getting closer, the sun is going down and the lights on. We wanted to do something different and this is what we came up with. It’s just really something you can vibe to and we hope you like it!

You’re having an event at Södra Teatern, tell us about it!
– Yeees! We’re super excited about this one! We usually have our events at the amazingly chic Etablissemanget at Södra Teatern, but this time around we’re in Kägelbanan which is an amazing venue. To live up to the venue itself and our previously successful events we have booked one of Sweden’s hottest MCs Jaqe and plan on giving the audience a couple of extra surprises…

– The night starts at 9pm and ends at 2am. Jaqe will bless the stage at around 23.00 so y’all need to be at Kägelbanan by then! Before Jaqe graces the stage, Michel Dida will be the man behind the turntables and after the performance, our own DJ duo LL&CC will turn up the tempo and play all the songs you need to hear to be turnt all the waaaay up until 2am.