Radar Premieres: AMKosman

AMKosman – the musical talent who seems to use tunes the same way others use air – is releasing her new single “Comfort” tomorrow, and Radar has the honour to premiere it one day before the official release date. Push play and enjoy!

Can you tell us a bit about the single? What is it about?
–”Comfort” is built on a few repetitive elements, with the most obvious one being the vocals: “I used to be sure, now I wonder; what it was like – if it was comforting”. It is nothing specific that I am referring to, it was just a phrase that came to me and in which I could feel comfort.

Photo: Daniel Leksell

From where do you get your inspiration?
– I hit of when it feels like I have a sound or texture that can introduce a new world to me. Before I find that, it is very hard for me to write. This specific song started of with the intricate string arrangement in the intro which I very much forced out of myself. Inspiration and support is very much the same thing for me. Or rather, I think I need more support than I need inspiration. Support does not come easy. I thank my talented and loving friends and family for their support.

You have a very eye-cathing look. Are visuals important for you?
– Colour is very important to me. It makes me happy. So, I add colour to everything I can: what I wear, my home and most definitely my music and art. More than the visual themselves being important – colour is. On a more vain level I love looking fabulous and eye-catching. So thanx! :D

Can you tell us a bit about your sound?
– Every song has its own sound. Every song has its own world, and basically the only thing they have in common is that they come from me. To be a bit more practical, I often use typical jazz keys and I am a little bit obsessed with software strings. I often record stuff on my piano and my dad on the saxophone.

You used to play in the duo For BDK. Why did you choose to go solo?
– I wanted to produce my own tracks.

What happens next?
– First we have a release party on Saturday at Taverna Brillo (at 10 pm!). After that, my label Cherish and I will release a music video that my friends VAJ.Power has animated for the song. More than that I don’t know for sure. I am aiming to have a body of work to share after the summer. Oh, and I hope to play live during summer! I love writing live sets and performing.