Radar Premieres: FELIN

Today Radar premiers Felin’s video for their latest single Revolt. Felin is a collaboration between musician Elin Blom and photographer Fredrik Etoall. Sofia Chowdhury from Fashion Networks had a chat with Elin about her inspiration and future goals projects.


Felin! Tell us about who you are.
– Felin  is not just a music project but a collaboration between me, Elin Blom, as the artist and songwriter and photographer and creative director Fredrik Etoall. Together we have developed it more as an art project where one artist meets another. I’m the stage artist Felin and Fredrik is the visual artist and the secret band member. F+Elin.

Who are you when you are not Felin?
– I’m mostly working in the studio writing songs for other artists and projects. Fredrik is shooting stills and film for different campaigns and magazines around the world or working with artist like Icona Pop or Tove Lo to mention a few.

When did you write your first song?
– I started playing piano at the age of 8 and shortly after that I wrote my first song.

What do you sing in the shower?
– I actually don’t sing in the shower, but Fredrik does. It doesn’t sound to good but cute. But I usually come up with lyrics and stuff to write about in the shower.

– My first inspiration source that I still have is Blondie, especially the young Debbie Harry in the CBGB’s days.

– And of course Fredrik’s way of looking at things visually has made me look at things differently and inspires me everyday.

– As a songwriter I get inspired of things that happen in my life or stories I hear, I usually take so called ”lyric days” where I sit alone or with a friend at some cafe and we just talk about life, our “therapy sessions” we call them. The song Revolt  was born one of those days.

FELIN _Press_02_photoby_Etoall

Do you think in Finnish or in Swedish?
– Swedish, since that’s my mother tongue. I was born in Finland and 5 percent of the Finns have Swedish as their first language. I’m one of them.

How do you spice up your everyday life?
– Well what do you think? I rush home from the studio to undress my sexy boyfriend.

What is the weirdest thing you have done?
– Well there was this incident outside a strip club in LA, but I think I’ll keep that private. Another weird thing was when I was like 13 or something and the band I was in at that time played at some local bar in the middle of nowhere in Finland. I was not even old enough to be at this bar, but there we were playing while everyone was piss drunk and suddenly this huge fist fight started where people where lying on the floor wrestling, but we just kept on playing.

We want to see FELIN grow and take on bigger and bigger stages in the future

When do you feel the most beautiful?
– I tend to feel beautiful when I feel comfortable and at ease with myself, and one of those places where I feel totally at home is on stage.

What change do you want to see in this world?
– There are so many things wrong in this world, like racism, that we still do not have equality, poaching etc. I think the important change that needs to happen is that we have to start caring, not just pretend to be caring but actually start caring about each other and have the courage to stand up for things. There’s too many cowards out there.

– And I think we all have to create and be the change where we can. For example I think girls need to get more recognition in the music industry not just as artists but especially as songwriters and producers. Why isn’t there more female producers? I want that to change. So now I’ve started producing and one of the upcoming FELIN singles is actually produced by me and another girl.

What’s your goal with this project?
– The goal is firstly and foremost to develop our vision and take FELIN to new places. Things like doing an exhibition where we involve both music, photos and other visual elements. And of course we want to see FELIN grow and take on bigger and bigger stages in the future.

What happens in the nearest future?
– FELIN will soon start playing shows and there’s lots of more FELIN material to be released very soon. We have 4 more videos ready that are just waiting to see the world.


Photos by Fredrik Etoall

Watch the video for Revolt below. 


Visit Felin’s web page here and their Facebook here.

Instagram: @thisisfelin