Radar Premieres: Helh

Time has come for the musical wiz Helh to follow up last year’s debut single Body. The Gothenburg based artist is back with a new masterpiece titled Another Delilah. Today, we give you an exclusive first listen.

Can you tell us a little about your new single?

– It recalls the absurd feeling of someone not liking you the way you like them. How is it possible that feelings are not an exact reflection of reality? How can the creation of a whole world be based on nothing? And why can’t they break you in a more obvious way, instead of leaving you with this strange vacuum? That was what was going through my head as I wrote it.

Photo: Molly Bergström

What is a Delilah for you?
– I’ve used Delilah as someone who loves you, but destroys you. It’s a weird Bible story, and I can’t help but read it as misogynistic. Still, it’s quite powerful and memorable, and it’s been recreated so many times in culture, which is why the song is called Another Delilah, and not just Delilah. There is a beauty in really feeling that you are part of human culture, using already existing metaphors for what you’re trying to say.

Photo: Molly Bergström

Who is the song about?
– The song is about one of my closest friends, who is interesting and lovely and funny. I am bad at getting over stuff, but it gets easier. Relationships are so messy!

From where do you get your inspiration?
– I guess just living is inspiring. You want to process what you’re going through: I write music like diary entries. Also art. I don’t have anything specific, haha! Inspiration sounds like a feeling, but it’s sort of realised in the act of creating. Therefore, people coming together wanting to do things is maybe the most inspiring thing, since you push each other forward.

– For this song and release, I’ve worked with my producer, Linnéa Atieno, with Tilda Kjerrulf who made the amazing cover art, with Molly Bergström who took the beeauuuutiful press photos, and with Cherish Label of course. I am so very grateful to be surrounded by such talented people.