Radar Premieres: Maria Hazell

Last year in January singer Maria Hazell released her debut single Say It Like You Mean It. Today she is releasing her new single Killing All My Darlings. Check out the video here at Radar.


Who is Maria Hazell?
– I’m a singer from Stockholm. I grew up in a family filled with music and I actually got my first violin when I was 1 year and 10 months old because I couldn’t wait til my birthday. And when I was 4 I got my first role at a theater in Stockholm and I continued acting in films, musicals and TV shows all through my teens. So I guess you can say I kind of grew up on stage, but it wasn’t until I studied music in high school that I started working with producers and songwriters. Started with simply demoing their songs but eventually began writing on my own music. My first single Say It Like You Mean It was released a year ago, spotify picked it up and gave it some love. SILYMI also got me signed to where I am today.

– I’ve always loved great singers and pop rnb has always been close to my heart. I write about things in my own life, sometimes dressed up in fiction. Sometimes I ”borrow” a friends story. And sometimes I just get a picture in my head and try to capture that.

What have you been up to lately?
– I’ve been busy preparing everything for my new single! Shooting the music video, meeting press and so on. But mostly I’ve been in the studio writing new things. That’s sort of my normal state – I’m constantly in the studio writing new songs.

I wanted to write a song where the girl wasn’t the passive one or seen as some kind of victim

Tell us about your single Killing All My Darlings?
Killing All My Darlings is about finding that special someone who makes you wanna burn down the bridges and shut the doors to other lovers. I sat by the piano and started playing some chords and the song kind of came to me. The line ”Killing my darlings” popped up in my head and I knew I wanted to do a twist on it. So the hook line with the rhythm was the first thing I wrote on it.

What was the inspiration behind it?
– I wanted to write a song where the girl wasn’t the passive one or seen as some kind of victim. There are so many lyrics where you have a guy singing about having many girls at the same time or a girl desperately craving someone else’s love. Killing All My Darlings is about being strong and confident in your decision to recklessly fall for someone and sort of deleting your past lovers. And I thought it was nice to sing about that.

What’s next for you?
– I’m so excited to finally release my single and be able to share it with everyone! It’s been a long process and I’m so happy the day is finally here. So my main focus is just to work hard with Killing All My Darlings and we’ll see where it gets me. I’m very anxious to get on stage and perform it live as well! Besides that you’ll find me in the studio writing new stuff that will hopefully lead up to an album.