Radar Premieres: OLD

Malmö based OLD had a great 2014 debuting their musical mishmash of creativity, politics, humour and pop. All those ingredients are very much included when the trio now start off 2015, with the video for their quirky song Dude.

Tell us about the video! What’s the story behind the Easter witches?
– This morning the witches wake up to something unexpected. Not just the regular morning after a party with an inevitable hungover. This is a political awakening. Who dressed them up like this, and for how long has it been going on?

This song is a big please-don’t-be-such-a-dude-pleading. How would you, in one sentence, describe a proper dude?
– A dude is someone who thinks he’s your protector and still makes you make him eat his brussels sprouts.

What’s OLD’s biggest wish for 2015?
– We hope to keep our New Year’s resolution of not thinking before reacting. In 2014 one member experienced a menstrual epiphany in a pad. A sequel to that would of course be amazing, but we dare not get our hopes up.