Radar Premieres: Solen part II

Last week, part I of Solen’s self- produced documentary titled Til de som bryr seg i Norge, had its premiere. We get to follow the band on their journey through Norway and everything that comes with it. Watch part II of the documentary here at Radar.

What have you been up to lately?
– We have been playing gigs around Sweden, from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south. We also lost against Kent at the Swedish Grammys. Dammit! But most important of all, we have been struggling in school, hoping one day we’ll get a job.

Tell us about the documentary.
– It’s about our one way love for Norway and it’s countryside. We hoped we would have at least a few supporters in each town we went to but… Well, the documentary shows the result.

What was the best thing that happened?
– The best thing was definitely the mountains and the fjords. Damn norwegians, getting all the good stuff. It would have been just a little better if we didn’t take the long route between Oslo and Bergen instead of the short. It took us five extra hours in the rental car.

What was the worst?
– It wasn’t too much fun to study in the rental car. Erik had a great time watching Fresh Prince in Bel Air the entire trip but the rest of us had school work to do. Damn.

What are you plans for the summer?
– First of all we still have a lot of gigs to do in Sweden. From Luleå in the north to Lund in the south. Then we’re playing at some festivals this summer. And hopefully we’ll get some time off, maybe go to Italy on holiday, I dont know.

Part III will be premiered at Noisey next week.