The Danish rock duo, The Raveonettes, are back, and they are better, stronger and more gracious than ever.

They are comprised of the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Sune Rose Wagner, and the bassist Sharin Foo – who also plays the guitar and sings. Their vocal harmonies, and edged-electric guitars, are recalling of the 1980s noise rock, touched with a pinch of sweetness.

Killer in the Streets speaks as their lyric states; ”A new sound from the beaches”. It is the second video release from the duo’s latest album Pe’ahi which is inspired by the waves of Hawaii and the LA coastline. In the new album we are introduced to a dramatic electro-pop feeling from the band, complete with exaggerated dynamics, unconventional song structures, and compelling hip-hop beats, not to mention, strong personal lyrics.

Rose Wagner describes their new song as this: ‘It’s easy to be deceived by beauty and mystique. The alluring girl who pisses me off, I always forgive. I’m forever caught in her cunningness and savage innocence. Our take on Sly & The Family Stone. A hypnotic groove which builds to a climax and then dissolves until there are only drums and vocals left.”

The official music video for “Killer In The Streets” written & directed by Rie Rasmussen, from The Raveonettes’ new album, Pe’hai.

”Pe’ahi is my favourite album right now,’ says Rose Wagner, exclusive to Radar Magazine, ‘I feel its very complete and we have achieved more than we ever imagined. ”

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