Say Lou Lou about their new, surrealistic mini film

Radar met up with the Kilbey twins a while back, right when they released their debut album – and were in the middle of recording a new music video for Nothing But a Heartbeat. Yesterday Miranda and Elektra finally released the mini film featuring themselves running around in their nightgowns, falling off rooftops and being lost in parallel universes. The film, directed by Joanna Nordahl and filmed by Mattias Montero, caught our attention. So, we simply decided to ask the duo a few questions about it.


Congrats to your new mini film! Tell me about it!
– Thank you! We wanted the video to reflect the whole album, and not just Nothing But a Heartbeat, for it to revolve around he whole idea of Lucid Dreaming: being awake in a dream. We digest our experiences in our dreams, like a cataloguing of sorts, dealing with our experiences. The clip is both a nightmare and a dream, seen from two different perspectives, Elektra vs. Miranda.

Last time we spoke, you were quite sore from recording the video. How tough was it to shoot?
– Pretty tough. It was way below zero degrees on the roof, and super windy and we did all our own stunts, which was painful when your whole body is ice cold. We didn’t wear any shoes in the video, so running on concrete, stones, cones, ice, not that fun. But all worth it of course!

Is the cat in the video yours?
– His name is Samuraj, and he’s unfortunately not our cat…

What’s up next for you guys?
– We play in London on Wednesday, and then at the end of the month we go to America and play four show in NYC, L.A and San Francisco.


Watch the video below and read our full interview with Say Lou Lou here.

Photo by: Liam Warton