Selma & Gustaf – Diary from the desert

Drug dogs, brothels, flagged passports and getting lost in the Mojave desert – Selma & Gustaf is not your average folk-pop duo. The pair kept a diary during their roadtrip and video shoot in Las Vegas, and they’ve shared it with Radar!

Day 1

After a 22hr trip our arrival in the US started out great with our guitarist Viktor getting stopped at the customs and border patrol. Since he brought his guitar, they got suspicious and claimed he needed a work permit and wanted to put him on the first flight home. He gave them his irresistible puppy eyes-look and they let him in anyway, but his passport is now ”flagged”. We don´t know what it really means, but it probably can’t isn’t good…

Right away we could tell that Vegas is something different, a totally weird place. We got really excited that everything looked exactly like it does in all the movies with the lights and everything, but were a bit turned off by the fact that everybody was really keen on getting us to visit strip joints. ”Hey dude, it’s time to be the ”Mayor of Titties-city”. No thanks.

Also, Gustaf lost money at the slot machines.

Day 2

When we woke up we were kind of disappointed about the weather, because we thought it would be really hot (since we’re in the middle of the desert right?) but it turned out it was nearly as cold as in Sweden.

We had an America-sized stack of pancakes for brunch at a place located on the Strip and went to check out the venue where we were supposed to play.

The first gig was at a Zound Industries/Marshall headphones party in a big suit at the Hard Rock Hotel. Awesome place.

The dinner was served by Swedish super chef Tommy Myllemäki and there was also a really memorable DJ – a nice woman who played an electric violin overdubbing all songs. She looked really ”Vegas” (meaning it’s nearly impossible to determine someone’s age there).

Later on, Gustaf lost money at the slot machines.

Day 3

We thought it would be fun to go LA, since we were so close. Turned out we were not close. Not even near to close. The only thing that was closed was the highway. Pun intended.

Well, turned out that what we thought would be a 4 hour drive took us 7 hours on small roads through the Mojave desert with Pearl Jam blasting in the speakers. Great sightings though, a lot of cactuses and red rocks.

At one time we stopped at a gas station for directions and met a lovely native American lady who gav us some words of advice. She told us to be ”very careful out there” because there was no people or gas stations within the next 30 miles, and also no reception on our cell phones. We think she finished with saying ”in the Mojave desert no one can hear you scream.” But we’re not entirely sure.

So we stayed in LA for a full hour before it was time to head back to Vegas in time for our second gig. Totally worth it.

Also, Gustaf lost money at the slot machines.

Day 4

We figured it would be pretty cool to shoot a video in Death valley, so we decided to rent a car and drive out.

On the way we stopped for gas at a 50’s style american diner, and the place had another weird pink house attached to it, called Alien Cathouse. Turned out that Alien Cathouse was an Area 51-style brothel. In the middle of the dessert. Wow.

After shooting the video and taking some band pics we did our gig and later on ended up at a venue called XS to see our fellow-swede Alesso. XS is a pretty sweet place as well. When you have been to the restroom, they actually have people washing your hands. Yeah, like actually washing your hands. And drying them.

Later on, Gustaf lost some money at the slot machines.

Day 5

Time to get home.

First we paid a visit to ”Old Vegas” wich was really cool, sort of reminded us of Williamsburg in a way, with big murals and a big container park etc.

The flight moved along quite painlessly until we came to Arlanda and one of the drug dogs was pretty sure that two in our travelling party was carrying drugs. Eventually they had to strip butt-naked in front of some customs and border protection officers. Not cool, but we guess it at least adds to the rock star story after all.