Sharks – Best friends forever

Imagine doing what you love every single day, and also doing it with your best friend. Then add being extremely talented, charming, and delightful, and all other positive adjectives there are. Plus having the charisma to make people fall head over heels for you. That’s the reality for the two best friends Susanna Friberg and Sophia Englund, also known as Sharks.

I found Sharks instagram account earlier this summer, pushed the follow button and wrote to them immediately. They answered minutes later and said that they just stalked me and would love to do something together. So a few weeks ago we met up at Zinkensadam IP, the morning after they had played at a big party at Haymarket. They were a bit tired, but still so lovely and charming.


How did you guys meet?
We met in school as 16 and youngsters. You know that age of insecurities when you aren’t open to anything that doesn’t look like you? That was us. Not love at first sight, cause we didn’t really look like we had much in common. A year later when we were on different continents, we were stalking each others music blogs and were like ”daaaayum girl got taste”.  So we started sharing tunes, and when Sanna came back from the States we were inseparable!

Why did you start making music together?
At first we turned our individual music blogs into one. We shared thoughts and dreams about the future, and created a lot of them together, too! We got the chance to DJ together after being creeps at different DJ booths for a few months and it was just right. It was love, really pure love. We’ve always been a great team behind the decks, and we wanted to develop. After a few years DJ:ing we got the chance to create our own music, and we were really curios about how we would sound together. We had so many visions!


There are like 1000 different ways to get involved with music, why did you choose DJ:ing?
Sophia tried out the flute when she was a kid, but more than that none of us caught an interest for any other instrument. We have never been very traditional, so we were talking about starting a rock or punk band at first. But that turned out to be hard since we couldn’t play any instruments! DJ:ing felt very natural when we got to try it, since we already had so many favourite tracks we wanted to share!

Why do you call yourselves sharks?
There are a bunch of different stories and reasons for this! And they all have their time and place to be told, haha. But one of the main reasons is that we’ve always felt a very big connection to water and sharks, there is a bit of mystique around it all. And some fun curiosa for you who don’t speak Swedish; Shark in Swedish is “haj”, so we have our hashtag #hajlife (shark life, but pronunced high life). Funny, we know. Another story involves Mötley Crue and Spy Bar, but we will save that for another day!


I´ve read that you have been working on your new sound. How do you sound now?
In this stage it’s still really hard to put into words, which we LOVE! We hate putting labels on anything really. At the moment we are really inspired by Drake. We got the time to finally be comfortable in our voices and to find a good place for it. We found ourselves being a little melancholic, but with a heavy fun beat! Did that sound confusing? Hopefully it made you curious, at least!


What is the coolest thing you have done in your career so far?
– What is amazing about our career is that we get to do SO many fun and amazing things quite often! Everything is cool cause we worked hard for it. The best part of the whole thing is to be able to share it with your bestie.

A couple years back we were flown to Toulouse for a few gigs, we spent a week there in a big crazy house and were suddenly hanging out with some people who’s music we been playing for years and had no idea. The whole trip ended in Paris and we magically got VIP tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers show that night.

An other event that was really big for us was when we hosted the after party of Skrillex show when he played at Fryshuset, I think that was 2011. He showed up and wanted to DJ with us. On our CDs. With our headphones. That night was insane! Sophia handed him CDs with dubstep on and I was head banging, standing on the booth.


What inspires you to make music?
We get very inspired by each other and our experiences. We think about what’s going on in our life at the moment and try to see it from different perspectives. It’s really important for us to make music without putting labels in it, especially not gender labels. We don’t want to exclude people!


You played before Veronica Maggio at the stadium this summer, how was that?
Arena gigs are usually the most fun! And Veronica turned out to be the sweetest person. It was a great night. It was special to be in our home town and to play during such a sweet summer night!

What are your plans for the future?
SHARKS UNIVERSE TOUR 4 LIFE! We are hoping to start releasing our new music early next year, and right now we’re stacking up demos to get ready. Also, we have a REALLY fun gig in Stockholm in October. Can’t say much more yet, but we’re so happy about it!