Simon Norrsveden – Tarquinia

Simon Norrsveden released his first single in 2008, and earlier this fall his fifth album ‘Tarquinia’ came out. Radar had a little chat with the talented musician from Värnamo!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
– That’s a million dollar question. Well, my latest interests are plants and cross-fit. Unfortunately I have no skill in the former. They keep dying on me.

You recently released a new record, your fifth. Does it always feel the same way when you are releasing an album?
– Not at all. I remember having a major case of hybris releasing my first record. Every time I left the studio I was worried to get run over by a car because then the world would never get to experience my first, literary awesome record. Releasing my fifth album, I barely felt anything at all. I made sure that it was published on Spotify – then I went to the gym.

What’s more important to you – the music or the lyrics?
– The lyrics I guess. But it’s hard, at least for me, to have one without the other.

Your latest video was a bit decadent, with light shirts, a swimming pool and wet loafers, and some associations to money. What does that mean to you?
– I think it’s an interesting thing, when art is examinating and questioning some of the general ideas in our culture, such as that money equals success and happiness. That’s why I love writers such as Bret Easton Elis for example.

You study psychology. In what way does music and psychology connect?
– I guess they both share an interest for people’s inner lives and the relationship between thoughts and feelings and language.

I always Google people I am about to interview. I found a flashback thread where someone is annoyed with you and your light voice, and wants to know some gossip about you (without much success it seems). Someone has commented that ”in junior high school he was a gangster rapper, and when he started high school he bought a new JC-wardrobe and never talked to his old friends again.” Any comments on this?
– I love this thread and I recommend everyone to read it. It’s mostly true as well.

Are you generally a romantic or a realist?
– I’m becoming much more of an realist I think (and it’s not good for my art at all).

What’s your strongest music memory?
– I think it’s when I bought “Heartbreaker” by Ryan Adams and I played it the first time while being on the phone with my ex-girlfriend. Just after the second song (My Winding Wheel) started to play, I remember telling my ex-girlfriend that I needed to hang up because I knew something big was going on. Another strong memory is when I had my dad teach me how to play the piano because I so desperately wanted to learn how to play “For Martha” by The Smashing Pumpkins. Such a beautiful song.

Which is the best line of lyrics you have written? What song is it in?
– The first one I come to think of is from the song “En djävul på din radio” (English: A devil on your radio”) by my former band Ylva Bulldozer. It really simple and it goes “vi är av ett ensamt slag – allting har sin jämviktslag”. It translates to something like “someone has to be the lonely one – a division of labour”.

Pictures by Daniel Stigefelt