Sony ATV’s office party featuring music, shots and drunken tattoos

Beatrice Eli’s next album will sound angry and be about sex, Adam of Shout Out Louds is writing music with Rebecca & Fiona (and maybe for a solo project?), Elias coming EP will sound both bare and electronic and Ji Nilsson has new material coming out. We found out quite a lot when talking to some of the artists attending Sony ATV’s big spring party on Thursday.


Beatrice Eli

What have you been up to this spring? You’ve been touring, right?
– Yes, I’ve been touring and working on my new album.

You worked on your debut album for around three years. Is this one gonna take as long or can we expect something sooner?
– I will never again work that much on an album. Fuck, really unnecessary. If it was up to me, without thinking of the consequences, I would leak all the songs now, but I want my music to end up in the right place, so to say.

Do you have enough material done to leak a whole album if you wanted to?
– Maybe not a whole, but probably half an album.

But how about releasing singles?
– I will probably release a song this year…

“This year”…? Can you be a bit more specific?
– Well, no one releases music during the summer, so then that means it will probably be out this fall.

Your last album had some heartbreak themed songs. Will this be a happier album?
– It’s probably a lot more angry and I also got triggered by people saying I was so explicit, writing so much about sex, which I don’t think at all. So now I’ve written a whole lot about sex. I’ve also tried to write about other people and their experiences which I’ve never done before. And I love sad songs, I love that shit, so you can expect some of those too.



How far have you gotten in process of releasing more music?
– I write music every day, both with different producers and by myself. Right now I’m working towards an EP that will be released this coming fall.

In which direction is it heading sound wise?
– I’m gonna try and just go for it and do different kinds of songs. There’s gonna be some more bare stuff and some electronic. Even though an EP has a limited space, I’m gonna try and show as much of myself as possible.

Are you trying out different stuff to try and find your sound? Or do you already know who Elias is musically?
– I know rather well what I want to do and what I don’t want to do musically. Those things tend to change of course, and they probably will over time, but right now I have a pretty good idea of what I’m aiming for.


Ji Nilsson

You just finished making a new single, right?
– Yes! Just before I got here I sent the final master to the record company, which means now it’s all done and I can’t change anything!

Is that scary or are you just relieved? 
– Both. I feel like I’m relived because I don’t want to put more time into tweaking. When you’re the one creating everything you will always see stuff you want to adjust, but now I just feel like it’s finally done.

How will it sound?
– Very summery and with an eighties feel to it. It has a happy vibe and my signature handclaps are there.

Congrats! Then this is a night for celebration. What’s your favourite way of celebrating?
– With my friends, and a lot of my friends are here tonight which is great. And beer, and snus. I’m at my music publishing company so this is like my forum but at the same time it’s really nice to be here drinking beer and not talking about music but instead be like “how is your dog?” or whatever. That’s the best celebration.

Are you focusing on one single at the time or do you have that full-length record on your mind?
– I was focusing on just singles since I wasn’t signed before and just put stuff out on Soundcloud. But now I’m signed to Best Fit Recordings, which is based in England. So I’m releasing an EP with songs that people here in Sweden have already heard, to launch me in England. There will also be two new songs, including this new single, and it will be released before the summer. And later, during the fall I’m planning on releasing another EP with all new material.


Adam Olenius of Shout Out Louds

I heard you guys have started to work on some new material. How far have you gotten?
– We’ve rehearsed like two times, right now it’s just me, Carl and a drum machine basically. Ted is in Hawaii and Bebban is in LA. This is the worst time, in my opinion, when you’re trying to get it all started in the beginning. When you’re doing something creative, it’s always fun when you’re in it but getting there is hard. Anyway, we’re planning on starting to record in the fall.

Are you working on other music projects?
– I write a lot for others. I noticed I had songs that I didn’t think were fit for the band and I’m listening to a lot of other genres than just indie music so it’s fun writing for other artists.

Like whom?
– I work with a lot of people but then you don’t know what will be released and not. But I’ve been working with Rebecca & Fiona which has been really fun. It’s not all set but I think there will be a song coming out quite soon.

That’s a pretty unexpected collaboration? 
– They wanted to meet and liked the material I’d written. It’s a bit more punk then they normally sound, so it will sound a lot different but really good!

What are your plans for the summer?
– I’m gonna spend time on the countryside, outside of Flen. And I’m gonna write Shout Out Louds-songs and also material for myself. But I don’t know yet where that will take me…

Are you keen on going solo? 
– I think I’ve always been keen on it, starting with presenting songs to the band that they didn’t like and then thinking “ok well, I’ll take them myself”. But those song weren’t that good so they were right. But now I’ve found something… It’s too early to say what exactly but we’ll see.

Photography by: Mathilda Werngren & Mathilda Österlund. View more photos from the event in the slideshow at the top.