Summer Of Tick Bugs

Earlier this summer musicians Britta Persson, Daniel Gilbert, and Mikael Jepson spent one week in a studio with the commission to write a song together. Today we can finally hear the result, the summery disco gem Summer of Tick Bugs.

The Swedish beer brewery TT was born in 1955, when three breweries from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö were merged into one. When TT this year decided to let the three cities once again join forces the aim is not to make beer, but to create music. Earlier this summer musicians Britta Persson from Stockholm, Daniel Gilbert from Gothenburg, and Mikael Jepson from Malmö spent a week in a studio with the commission to write a song together. The result was a summery pop song about ticks, loam, and having to wear ten layers of sweaters during cold summer nights. We met the trio during the music festival Skankaloss, where they premiered Summer of Tick Bugs.

– It was a whole lot of fun, Daniel Gilbert says. When I first received a description of the project via emila I was a bit sceptical, but when I read it more carefully it seemed like a fun thing to do. I didn’t have much planned this summer, so it suited me perfect.

– I thought it sounded exciting, Mikael Jepson says. It was nice to get the opportunity to do something different, that still had to do with music.

The three musicians are all household names in the Swedish music scene. Daniel Gilbert made his debut in the cult band Broder Daniel, before he became Håkan Hellström’s right-hand man. Today he balances his role as singer and in pop band Augustifamlijen with his own solo career. Mikael Jepson began his carees as guitarist in The Ark and is today part of the trio Stereo Explosion. Britta Persson won all hearts with her breakthrough singel Winter Tour back in 2006, and earlier this year she released her fourth album, the highly acclaimed If I Was a Band My Name Would Be Forevers. The three musicians had met before they were to shut themselves up in the studio, but they had never made music together. They agreed about a week where they all were available, and went to a studio in Malmö.

Daniel Gilbert, Britta Persson, and Mikael Jepson.
Daniel Gilbert, Britta Persson, and Mikael Jepson.

– I was nervous when I went there, as we never worked together before and were supposed to have a song produced, mixed, and ready in just a few days, Daniel says.

– We didn’t have any restrictions, Jepson says. All we knew was that we needed to finish the song in four days. Besides that we could do whatever we wanted. We could’ve ended up just drinking beer, doing nothing. But the whole thing went very smooth.

– It was very painless, Daniel agrees. We even had time left. After two days the song was more or less complete.

– We knew that we wanted something with an up-tempo beat, as we were to play it live, Jepson adds. Daniel came up with tunes on the guitar and then we took it from there, added some drums and melodies. Brita wrote the text. We wanted it to be about all the annoying things with summer.

– I never thought I would do anything that could be described as disco and be happy with it, Daniel says. But I did.

– We all have a sound of our own, and I think that you can hear that in the song, Jepson says. But we all wanted it to turn out well and were willing to make sacrifices. In the end the song had got a life of it’s own. 

What will you take with you from this collaboration?
– To use more major chords in my songs, Daniel laughs. Every time I played some chords the others suggested we change it into major. There is really nothing scary about major.

– I found the producing part a whole lot of fun, Jepson says. I haven’t done much producing before, but this reallt made me want to produce more. It also made me realize how fun it can be to collaborate with others.

Listen to Summer of Tick Bugs and see a video shot Skankaloss festival above. The single’s cover is the result of a competition where anyone could participate. See the winning cover by Julia Szulc and buy the single here.