Üni Foreman

Born and raised in a Swedish small town, Signe Gustafsson and Anna Rauhala has let their origin inspire the characteristic sound that  has become Üni Foreman. Their music gives you a one way ticket to empty woods of coniferous underneath the shades of Northern lights.

Gustafsson and Rauhala are not people who make plans on how to top the world charts. They just write music because they like it. Regardless of this, the general interest in the band has grown from trifling to terrific in the last couple of years. In 2012, their single Cooper was acclaimed by a wide range of reviewers, which led to publicity online and on the radio, as well as in paper print and bookings. The last single Gold was released in March this year.

How did you guys start out as musicians?
– When we first started a band together, just playing around with the instruments and vocals was enough of an amusement for us. So in the beginning, we basically enjoyed performing lame covers of songs we liked, says Gustafsson, smiling. They both agree with me when pointing out that there’s a certain charm about being able to look back, and see an evolution in a personal project. When I ask the duo about their own evolution though, they say, that though the music they’re performing has changed a lot, the rest is still pretty similar to what it first was.

Üni Foreman

When did you start to create your own music?
– It wasn’t a big step or decision, not like “from today on, we’ll only perform our own songs”. It was more of a smooth transition, we tried it out once or twice and immediately realised that it was something that we both really liked doing. As we developed and started to feel more comfortable in writing songs, it became a more important part of it all.

Where does the ideas come from? 
– It’s very different from time to time. Sometimes, the idea of a new song  just pops up when you’re having a conversation with someone, and she or he says a certain word. Sometimes, it’s the boredom of the everyday life. It sounds a bit cliché, but inspiration actually does hit you from the oddest sources. Our song T-Rex Mom was a result of us watching the MTV series Teen Mom, for instance.

Creating music is about expressing yourself, definitely, but also just as much about enjoying yourself.

How would you describe your view of your musicianship?
– To be honest, we rarely reflect on the future or our music career-wise. Creating music is about expressing yourself, definitely, but also just as much about enjoying yourself. For us, the best part of it all is the friends we’ve met and the good fun we’ve had with them. We don’t really see the point in making it more complicated than it actually needs to be.

What happens now?
– Since we’re in the middle of an album making process, that has been going on for quite a while, at the moment we really want to finish that project off. As for the future, we’ll just continue going with it for as long as it’s fun, and I guess we’ll see where we end up. We’ve got absolutely no idea, leastwise. Which is quite exciting, when you think about it.

Photography by Mikael Johansson