An upcoming summer of music at Trädgården

This weekend Stockholm’s party institution Trädgården will open its doors to a summer of late night (and mid-day) partying. We had a chat with the people behind the club to hear what’s in store this season, including the line-up for the upcoming Live Sessions.

This year a few things will change at the big club/concert/art… amusement park that is Trädgården. A special Trädgården beer has seen the light of day, a new outdoor cinema will show film and some football, video art will be exhibited and new dj:s and bands will play.

There will also be a new take on the much-appreciated Daytime Sessions. Trädgården’s Leo Forssell tells us more.
– We wont be doing our big flea markets on Saturdays this year which means having the Daytime Sessions on Saturdays is now possible. We’ll be doing them on seven occasions starting at 2 pm.

What feedback on the Daytime Sessions have you been getting?
– It’s been very positive. Daytime parties are always appreciated but I think we took it to another level, booking more than just one dj, making it both longer and with more acts.

Can you say anything about the bookings?
– The concept is electronic dance music, which is a kind of broad definition… But there will be everything from hard techno to disco.

Will there be any focus on art?
– Yes, Josefin Hinders, whom we’ve worked with before, will be in charge of the decor during the Daytime Sessions. And Johan Norling will curate the Gallery where we’ll show six different video exhibitions.

What are you most excited about this season?
– I don’t know… All the parts, the different nooks, are needed to create that whole. We redid the back of the building where there’s a terrace and I think a lot of people will want to hang out there, so I’m excited about that.

What can we expect from the opening this weekend?
– There are always a few surprises waiting! But I can tell you there will be live music and we’ll have a choir singing ghettotech.


Another new feature this year is spelled Johanna Beckman, the new booker for Trädgården Live Sessions. She gave us the inside scoop on some of the artists that will play this summer.
– Swedish rapper Cleo will play together with some artist friends she’ll invite to the stage. Then we have Little Jinder with friends. Dungen will give a concert, which will be the first time they play songs from the forthcoming album live. We also have a night with hip hop collective RMH curating the artists. And Maskinen will play at a special occasion in May.

Is it hard booking artists for a club like this?
– We need a lot of people attending the concerts so I don’t have the same luxury of being able to book whomever, which I basically have when booking acts for the Gagnef festival, where you know you have the crowd. But it’s a definite privilege getting to book artists to such a cool setting as Trädgården.

How did you decide which artists to book?
– The focus is on Swedish music, pretty new acts where there’s been some buzz, but artists who are still on their way up. There will also be some international musicians but they will appear in the context of being invited by a Swedish main act.

Is it more fun booking artists for outdoor events such as the Gagnef festival and Trädgården, rather than a dark, sweaty concert venue?
– Booking acts for outdoor gigs during the summer is very rewarding since everybody tend to be in such a good mood. But then I’ve never worked as a booker for dark, sweaty venues…

Trädgården Live Sessions will take place on eight occasions during the summer (on Wednesdays and Thursday). Trädgården opens on Friday, here’s more information about the opening weekend.