Urban Cone about their new single Sadness Disease

Today the electronic indie rock-band Urban Cone is releasing their new single Sadness Disease and throwing a release party tomorrow tonight at the Story Hotel in Stockholm. They showered Radar in honesty about how it really is to be in a band.

Following up their album Our Youth and their latest single New York, the band continues with a playful happiness in this track but brings in a matured and dark tone. They talk about how their past years on the road and in the studio have been. We get to hear about collaborations, their weirdest stories from touring and how writing their follow-up album was full of fights, tears and wanting to give up the band. But also how when working hard they could fall back in love with each other and their music again.

Can you tell us about your new single?
– It’s called Sadness Disease and we’re super excited to release it. Don’t think we’ve ever had so much fun in the studio as we did making this song. Can’t wait to play it live!

– However, it does have a dark side. It highlights how the idealised vision of beauty and perfection that exists today is damaging; it’s not real, it’s not possible. 

There were times where we pretty much felt like giving up

How will your new record differ from Our Youth?
– To be honest the recording of this album has been very different. We’ve cried together, we’ve been screaming at each other and we’ve been laughing together. There were times where we pretty much felt like giving up. At times we really weren’t sure if we were gonna be able to continue as a band. We felt that we needed to fall in love with each other again and to do that we decided to pretty much live in the studio and come together with the thing that made us fall in love with each other. Music and making music together.

Favourite lyric from the new record?
– “We found the treasure in between us” which pretty much describes how we found each other again. It was right there in front of us. We were worried about the future of the band and wrote this song about eternal life. It means so much to us a band and right now we only feel stronger.

How has the band changed since you got signed?
– We’ve really grown as individuals and artists. We’ve learned more about ourselves through all the ups and downs of writing this album. The biggest realization of all being that we really want to have a voice to hopefully influence some people in the world through our music.

  All the weirdest and craziest stories happen on tour 

You’ve been touring around both Europe and the States for the past couple of years. What was the highlight?
– Definitely the States. It’s just so much fun going on there. We even have a song on our album about our experiences in New York. We’re so worried our experience next time won’t be the same, it was just way too much like we dreamed that it would be. And the burgers there!

Is touring as weird as bands make it up to be?
– Yeah, it can be pretty surreal. Being on the road for 4 weeks spending most of your time in a tour bus, which we freaking hate by now, is pretty demanding. It’s a very strange feeling knowing that you are in a different city every day and sometimes you really don’t remember where you are. We love traveling though so it’s definitely awesome, especially getting to meet new people and fans everyday. And all the weirdest and craziest stories happen on tour. Lots to deal with while sleeping for very few hours and somehow when you hit the stage, you have to put all the days work, driving, lack of sleep and everything else behind you because you have to put on the best show you possible can every night. The weird thing is that we kind of miss the tour bus now. We’re craving touring so much now… 


Can you tell us about a particularly strange moment?
– We had this one show in Vienna. And during our last song in the set this guy comes on stage and strips down completely naked. At first we thought it was pretty funny but after he had been standing there for like a minute and started to give us freaky looks we felt pretty uncomfortable. He pretty quickly got thrown off by security. Hope you’re not hurt though naked man.

A year ago you went to the US to write with Porter Robinson which resulted in the single Lionhearted. Who do you dream about collaborating with in the future?
– Tove Lo!!

Also, we heard something about a party on Wednesday? Tell us more!
– Yup we’re celebrating the release of our first single at Story Hotel in Stockholm.We’ll also be playing some new songs from the new album. You should come! Its a really small intimate room, those shows are always the most fun and have such great energy. So excited to start playing shows again. A lot more to come in 2015 though.

Check out the Facebook event for the release party here.

Text by our family member Linn Wiberg.