Vanbot about breaking down and making a come back

Tomorrow night Vanbot will be performing along with Summer Heart at Debaser Strand. Her name is Ester Ideskog and along with Johannes Berglund she writes and produces all her music. In February she released the highly acclaimed single Trooper after years of silence. She told Radar about breaking down, making a come back and her plans for the future.


Tell us about your latest single Trooper, what’s it about?
– It’s a pure pop anthem but with a string of sadness. The story is about the white lies that we build up around us. I think many of us make up stories and false truths just to feel better, some sort of naive game of denial if you will.

What have you been up to lately? It’s been a while since you released new music.
– I recorded an album and planned to release it 1,5 years ago. But then I trashed it, had a breakdown and started all over again. Now when looking back with some perspective I think it was a good choice, something was missing and I was very persistent about this album being something to count on. It was a tough decision though, to let go of the album and to admit that all work had been in vain. But who knows, maybe it was all necessary, maybe I had to walk that extra 100 miles to finally do this new album. I choose to look at it that way.

Did it feel like it was a comeback releasing trooper?
– Yes, in every way. Everybody loves a debutant, but being a sophomore adds lots of extra pressure. But I’m very happy about the response. My audience has been good to me!

We’ve had so many
wow-moments in the studio

What inspires you?
– I don’t really know. I’m almost manic about writing the perfect melody and it becomes like a sport to me. I’m often inspired by other forms of art, like dancing and photography. I think it’s all about communicating something hidden; the message in-between the lines.

How would you describe your sound?
– In short: melodic tension. I try to make the skewed synthesizers that scream their raw artificial sound to balance with melodies that can be very organic or even catchy. I love that challenge, that’s the tension that I strive to create.

What does the creative process look like when your creating new material/songs?
– Haha, I record tons of melodies on my cell while biking around in Stockholm. People give me very strange looks, and I’m afraid I’m a traffic-hazard. Though I haven’t hit anyone so far, but pretty close a few times :). I continue the work with the songs in my studio where try to find a matching synthesizer. Looking to find a soundscape and a production that reflects the melody -but in the opposite way. It might sound strange, but like I said, I love to combine the catchy melodies with some twisted sounds, to dress the melodies in unpolished soundscape. I adore that contrast.

Is there anything that you wouldn’t write about?
– I’ve had difficulties writing angry lyrics, it always feels like I’m joking about it. But I think it might has changed. On the new album there is this very angry song. You will definitely recognize it! Feels like a mile stone.

You’ve been compared to Robyn, why do you think that is?
– It’s hard to say. I think people need to label things and put into boxes to make it easier to relate to. Both me and Robyn are Swedish, blond, pop artists that works the electronic sounds. I don’t really mind. I mean she’s an absolute genius! But to be honest I can’t really see that we’re that similar.

I’ll give them a new
experience of Vanbot

Do you get nervous releasing new material?
– Both yes and no. I’m very proud of the album and the people I’ve been working with! We’ve had so many wow-moments in the studio where we’ve been absolutely convinced that “this must be the best sound in the whole world!”  “If I can only choose one sound for the rest of my life, this would be it!” We’ve been going on like that for months! But at the same time I experience a lot of pressure. I have very high requirements on myself and the music I make.

You’re performing at debaser tomorrow, tell us about it. What can the audience expect?
– I’m really looking forward to that! The audience will hear the new songs never before performed! We’re rehearsing right now, I love when you get the chance to tear down and rebuild the songs and give it a live-costume that is for that moment. So hopefully I’ll give them a new experience of Vanbot.

Will you be releasing a new album anytime soon?
– Yes, We have a preliminary release date in the beginning of May.

What are your plans for the future?
– I’ve already started to work on new material. Usually I get a little worn out after finalizing an album, but this time it only triggered me to write new songs. So, I’m back on the bike, so to speak.


Find the event for tomorrow here