Video Premiere: Julia Vero

Julia Vero recently released her second single Lilac Sky, which now has its own video. Radar gives you an exclusive first look where you get to see Julia drive her addicted boyfriend crazy.

We asked her to give us her own personal description of Lilac Sky.
“Lilac sky is my second single and I kinda saw the video in my head while I was writing it. As I started to talk to Carlos (from NewBorn pictures who made the first video) about it, he told me that he had the same thoughts about it.

We filmed it in a huge warehouse and it was freezing, plus I had wet hair the whole time, but it turned out great, like a neon-drenched nightmare.
The drug/relationship-theme is pretty interesting. It could mean a bunch of stuff, like I am the drugs or am I like a drug to him? Felix who plays the guy did such a great job! And Clara who styled me is awesome too, I like to work with friends, it’s always better that way.
I’m lucky that I’m surrounded with talented friends.”

Enjoy the video!”

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Photo by: Sandra Thorsson