“The whole evening is going to be a family thing”

Singer Min Stora Sorg released her debut album Mvh Anso, M$$ last year in February and held a concert in September that got amazing reviews. On Saturday she will be having another concert at Debaser Strand in Stockholm. Along with her four other musicians that she idolizes will be performing. Radar had a chat with her about it.


What has MSS been up to lately?
– Writing new music, recording in the studio. Just did an amazing photo shoot today and the new visual theme of Min Stora Sorg is starting to take form. Planning the first single release. Just got an booking agent – Lisa Appelgren from Pitch&Smith and we are planning some great shows.

In the beginning of 2014 you released your first album Mvh Anso, M$$, how did it feel?
– It felt absolutely wonderful. I got so much love that I never could have dreamed of. Peoples reactions were very overwhelming. And I loved the attention. I am an attention addict.

What was it like to be nominated for p3 guld? Did that make you want to work even harder during 2015?
– It meant really much for me. I am still an underground artist in many ways so being nominated is a very big thing. And yes I made me wanna work even harder! If that is possible..

My friends and family and I are going to Dj the whole night and the show is going to be CRAZY

Tell us about the concert you will be having on the 7th at debaser.
– The whole evening is going to be a family thing. My friends and family and I are going to Dj the whole night and the show is going to be CRAZY. I’m bringing two great musicians on stage and four incredible dancers. And on top of that four guest artists performing their own songs.

Which other musicians will be performing with you?
– Simon Emanuel, Pheeyownah, VAZ and Rosh.

Why did you choose them?
– They are all my idols

What can one expect from the concert?
– Its going to be intense, fun, sexy and powerful.

What will be the difference from your last concert?
– The venue is a club so the feeling is going to be much more ”clubby”. Now you can all dance with us.

You have done some really awesome collaborations for example with Simon Emanuel and Ji Nilsson, do you have some more planned within a near future?
– Yes I do! I’m writing together with an great artist named Niklas Von Arnold. Planning stuff with Pheeyownah! And some more secret collars coming up.

What are your goals for 2015?
– To step up from the underground :) Release an amazing album. Reach people. Take over.


Find the Facebook event here