3 x Pauline Högberg

Some people have so much energy that they make the rest of us seem like newly awakened sloths. One such person is Pauline Högberg – DJ and house creative at the new Hobo hotel, and she is also one of the stars of Gina Tricot’s lates tv-commercial. I figured that this energetic and social woman should have lots of great advice on where to go in Stockholm, so I met up with her for a lunch to ask her about her favourite spots in the city!

Hälsocafeét – Hornsgatan 61
This is probably my favorite lunch spot, and I would say that I go here a bit too often. I like that everything is organic, locally produced and vegetarian, mostly even vegan. You can either choose something from their menu, or you can combine your own dish with the things you crave for the day. A big plus is how fast you get the food! I love it.



Hälsocafét serves juices, smoothies, acai bowls, wraps, hot meals, pizzas, rawfood, desserts and much more. In other words, you’ll have to visit them many times if you want to taste everything on the menu.

Hälsocafét is located on Hornsgatan 61 on Södermalm. For more info visit Halsocafet.se


Old Town
I didn’t like Old Town all that much until some friends of mine moved here. Then I discovered how nice it actually is. There are a lot of places one does not really think about, like small hidden treasures. The fantastic bar Tweed is located there, and so is Pastis, a cozy French bistro on the corner of Köpmansgatan that I found one day by chance. Then you have the café called Under Kastanjen, the flower shop Christoffers blommor, and all the small alleys and streets that are so easy to miss. The list of things I love about Old Town is long!

I think a lot of people avoid Old Town because of all the tourist on Västerlånggatan, but if you just stay away from that street you will discover so much more.


The Modern Museum of Art
I love art and museums, and the museum of modern art is my favourite in Stockholm. They always host great exhibitions, and it’s incredibly well curated. They also do a lot of great lectures and tours. Another plus is their restaurant and café, which has amazing food!

I really like to walk around in the tranquility among all the art. I even brought a  date here once! It wasn’t very successful, but that’s another story.


The Modern Museum of Art is located on Skeppsholmen. The pictures are from the Olafur Eliasson and the Yayoi Kusama exhibitons earlier this year. For more info, visit modernamuseet.se