Introducing Fashionbit

Angela Alvarez is living and breathing fashion. With a recent bachelor in Fashion Marketing and Communication she just landed a job with an international fashion brand. Let us introduce her fresh, new blog under Radar Magazine with the name Fashionbit.

Tell us more about who Angela Alvarez is.
– I just graduated from IED where I studied Fashion Marketing and Communication, and I have been working with communication and events for over a year now. Because of my blog and my job, fashion has become a huge part of my life and takes up most hours of my day, but I enjoy every minute and I feel very blessed.

Why did you decide to start a blog?
– I enjoy sharing my experiences with fashion, events, travelling, and eating out with people who have similar interests. I love photography and I’m constantly taking photos of everything I do, and it’s great to have a space where I can share my inspirations. In the world of fashion and communication it’s really important to have a voice and something that can represent you. A blog is a great way to be out there and to let everyone know what I do.


What are you doing this summer?
– I usually spend my summer holidays back in my hometown, Gran Canaria. But this summer’s a bit different. I got the wonderful opportunity to work for a very well known Italian brand, MaxMara, so I will be staying in Barcelona the whole summer. I’ll also work hard with my blog since I recently relaunched it after taking a few months’ break. I’m really excited about spending my summer in Barcelona, but if I have the time I might travel somewhere during the first weeks of August.

What do you think you will do ten years from now?
– It’s very hard for me to even say what I will do tomorrow, because each day is different. All I know for sure is that I want to stay healthy and that I want to continue to work with fashion. I hope that I, by being very constant and patient, will be happy with my achievements and recognized for what I do. When it comes to my personal life I would love to see myself married with kids. It might sound like a cliché, but my family is everything to me and I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t build a family on my own one day.

What will we see in your blog?
– Fashionbit is a diary where I’m sharing experiences and inspirations, from fashion, events, cities, restaurants, clubs and much more.

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