Introducing: Patricia Aliaga DeVall

Patricia Aliaga DeVall is an inspiring 21-year-old from Gothenburg we’ve been following for some time now. Through social media, mainly Instagram, we have been able to see her extend her persona into various areas. A beautiful face for sure, but more importantly: a caring mind. We are happy to welcome Patricia to our amazing team of bloggers, and even more so, we want to celebrate her first blog ever!

Hello Patricia, and welcome to Radar Collective! Tell us a little about yourself.
– Hey! The pleasure is all mine! To start off, I’m a 21 year old girl who’s currently living in Gothenburg where I spend my days studying Cognitive Science, modelling and exploring. I’m still new to the city so I’m still learning about it and the people here. I’m thrilled to become a part of Radar Collective and explore my blog-self together with y’all!

You have never previously had a blog (as we are aware of…?). Why did you decide to start now?
– That is true! I’ve been curious about the ‘blog-life’ for a while now, but I never really knew how to get started since I have so many things that I can think of putting out there. When you people got in touch with me it felt so obvious to take this opportunity and explore it all together with you!

If you had a super talent, what would it be?
– I don’t really know the distinction between talent and power in this sense (i.e. if it should be realistic or not). Assumed that it’s a realistic talent I’d probably would like to have a better memory for names, it would help me so much in school and also in my social life haha… Assumed that it’s an unrealistic power, I’d want to be able to teleport myself for sure. Long distance relationships are the worst – I’d get rid of those AND I’d be able to meet up with a lot if cool Internet people whenever!

Do you have any particular goals?
– My main goal would be to “sit on” as much (to me) interesting and relevant knowledge as possible, it’s a goal that seems pretty far off since new interesting stuff appear in a faster pace than the actual learning progress does. I’d really like to find something specific and special that matters to me and my surroundings, which I can further study in depth for as long as it’s necessary. The thought of combining this with teaching later on in life really keeps me going!

You are sometimes called an influencer. What does that mean to you?
– This term is very new to me. My first thought about it would be a person which inspires others in various way (through ideas, clothing etc.) — which I would like to think that I am, but so is everyone else if it’s defined in that sense. Anyway, I only have good associations with the term, so I don’t mind being associated to it myself.

What are the best things about Internet?
– That Internet gives rise to platforms which generates freedom through features which gives opportunities to create own “safe spaces”. Some examples would be Instagram where you can choose which people you’d like to follow, Facebook where you can choose which people to befriend, groups to join and engage in, and last but not least Tumblr where you can create save spaces through moodboards etc.

If you had to live without one or the other, which one would it be: Instagram or Google Maps? Motivate.
– I could live without both, but I probably value Instagram more than Google Maps since I’ve always had a kick-ass sense of direction (which in Swedish would be lokalsinne). Also, it’s way more fun and exciting to travel without always knowing which route you’ll take or where you’ll end up (if you’ve got the time that is…).

Lastly (for now), what will we see in your blog?
– A bunch of things that regards me in one way or another, I think it will be an honest, bit messy but cute blog, which will display things I spend my time on e.g. school, people, modeling, veganism. The list goes on. I don’t have photography as an interest in that sense other bloggers on this platform seem to have. Until I’ve figured it out a more “strict media concept” for my blog I’ll post a mix between iPhone pictures and pictures which I’ll force my boyfriend (Theo) to take of me with his fancy camera! I also really want this blog to be as down to earth as possible and not romanticise everything. I want this to be a safe space for myself and for the people who will be reading this!

Read Patricias blog here.