Introducing Rebecka Häggblom

Radar Magazine’s newest blog attribute is Rebecka Häggblom from Finland. This 19 year- old petite photographer inspires you with fascinating and creative photographs of her surroundings and sometimes herself. In August she will be moving to Sweden in order to keep evolving as a photographer and blogger.

Tell us more about who you are?
– My name is Rebecka Häggblom, a 19 year old, talkative and generally positive photographer from Finland. At the end of August I will be moving to Sweden to study photography, and hopefully get closer to my big dreams and plans for the future. I believe everything is possible, you just have to work hard. I live for creativity. Usually my mind is full of plans, photoshoots and ideas. I wish I had a on/off button for my creativity, especially when I want to sleep, because sometimes I can sit up for hours thinking of stuff I want to create. Besides that, as many others, I’m also a food, music and travel lover!

What blogs do you follow yourself?
– Well, here are some of my favorites right now:
“Decade” by Bernadette Pascua
“Suvi Sur Le Vif” by Suvi Kesäläinen
“Hawaiian Coconut” by Emily Faulstich
“Vanessa Jackman”
“Vardagsbrus” by Frida Vega

Why did you decide to start a blog?
– I have too many ideas, and I found that blogging was for me the right way to express myself and to let some steam out.

What’s your inspiration?
– Everything that’s pretty, strange looking and fascinating.

Who’s your favorite photographer?
– Nirrimi Hakanson. She’s fab. And so talented.

What will we see in your blog?
– In my current blog, Sunshine In North, I don’t write so much because I feel that sometimes it’s good to let the pictures speak for themselves. With that comes pressure. The pictures HAVE to be good, and that is why I don’t update my blog so often. So with that said, I want this blog to be more open, a view in to my everyday life, more personality, illustrations and spontaneous posts. I’m not gonna be as picky as before, but I will promise that I’m still gonna bring some good looking pictures! My ”philosophy/motto” has always been that I’m not so special, so if I like it, probably somebody else will like it to.

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