Introducing Tobias Sikström

Tobias Sikström is an urban boy scout with a keen interest in fashion and traveling. When he’s not blogging under Radar Magazine or working with visual merchandising at COS, he’s probably somewhere dancing, shopping, or eating strawberries. We stole a moment of his time to ask him some questions.

Tell us more about who Tobias Siktröm are.
– My name is Tobias. I’m 22 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides blogging at Radar, I’m working with visual merchandising for the Swedish brand COS. When I’m not working I’m making my way through Stockholm as the urban boy scout that I am. Then I’ll probably be somewhere swiping my Visa. I have a tendency to a shop a bit too much.

Why did you decided to start a blog?
– I liked the idea of having my own space online where I could write, create, and post all those things that inspired me, and it turned out that those things were clothing and fashion. I’ve always liked to share what’s on my mind.

What does  a regular day in the life of Tobias look like?
– If I’m having a day off, I’ll make sure that I get some good sleep. Then I head out to have brunch with some friends, and force one of them to take my picture. If it’s a sunny day I’ll take the boat out to Fjäderholmarna in the archipelago, or ride my bike to my favorite coffee shop. Then I’ll probably see some new clothes that I just got to have, because if I don’t, I’ll spend the next six months miserable.

Tobias radar

What are you doing this summer?
– This summer me and my camera have lots of plans. I’ll be going to the Swedish west coast to visit my family. Then I’ve booked a trip to Tel Aviv and then I will stop for a short visit in Vienna. When I get back to Stockholm there will be some work to do, but I will also hang around with my friends, eat strawberries, sunbathe at different parks, and spend my nights dancing at some nice summer club. The grand finale will be my favorite festival, Way Out West, in Gothenburg.

What will we see in your blog?
– You’ll find a lot of pictures and outfit posts in my blog. You get to follow me in my everyday life where I share all those things I find inspiring. There will be some shopping suggestions and things I like. I travel quite much so be prepared for plenty of pictures from different places around the world. I hope you’ll like it.

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