Introducing Alice and Gabriella

Radar Magazine’s freshest blog recruits are the creative twin sisters Alice and Gabriella. Sharing their loves and hates, experiments and experiences, the blog serves as a mirror to their souls. We posed a few questions to the pair of twins to learn more about who they are and what they do.

Tell us more about who you are.
– We are Alice and Gabriella Fenwick, half English half Spanish twin sisters from Barcelona. We are both students in the creative field, Alice is studying architecture and Gabriella fashion design. That makes quite obvious the fact that we are passionate about design and like to bring it to everything we do. We like to paint, draw, cook, and play the piano, but we also love to hang our with friends, specially when this means getting them involved in some creative experiment.

Why did you decided to start a blog?
– Our blog started two years ago, in the beginning of summer. We realised we spent far to much attempting to grow artistically speaking but didn’t have a good platform to showcase it. Having a sketchbook or an online portfolio didn’t make quite for us. Then, the idea of the blog came. Actually, quite naturally. Simple. We suppose that the blog also serves as a nice thing to have in common and pursue together.

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And what will we see in your blog?
– As we said earlier, Alice and Gabriella is not meant to be a simple sketchbook or a diary. We want it to be a bit like a reproduction of our souls. Hope you now what we are talking about; some of our loves and hates, experiments and experiences and our attitudes in this world. You will find mainly outfit posts, as this is what we have been doing for a while, but you will also be able to see anything that inspires us and appeals to our creative buds; nice objects, art, exhibitions and much more.

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