Introducing Daniella Johansson

Daniella Johansson’s interest in fashion began with figure skating. Today she works in it, wears it, and writes about it. Let us introduce Radar Magazine blogger and contributor Daniella Johansson.

Tell us more about who Daniella Johansson is.
– I’m a girl with too many shoes and too many black clothes. I grew up in a very creative environment where art and music was the center of attention. Besides art and music, sports has been a big part of my life. Figure skating was my biggest passion when I was younger and that’s where my interest in fashion began. I have to say that with my background, I’m not surprised that I chose to work in the creative industry.

– When I’m not blogging I work with fashion marketing and communication. I like discovering new places, new artists, and new brands. I also have to admit that I do spend a lot of time in front of the computer, even though I love spending time without it. I try to enjoy life to the fullest.

Why did you decide to start a blog?
– I decided to start a blog when I moved to Barcelona in 2010, so that my friends and family could follow my life in my new city. The blog evoked a passion for photography, and I saw it as a great opportunity to express my creativity.


What is the best thing about living in Barcelona?
– For me, the most interesting thing about Barcelona is that it’s such a multicultural city. It’s also a very artistic city, with great architecture, street art, and history. The atmosphere is amazing and the sun is always shining. I love Barcelona!

What are you doing this summer?
– This summer, I’ll spend most of my time in Sweden with my friends and family. Sweden is so beautiful during summer. I will be working and preparing myself for all the new adventures that will happen this fall.

What will we see in your blog?
– My blog is focused on visual experiences, and most of the content is related to fashion. If you visit my blog you’ll see a lot of black outfits togther with all the things in life that I find aesthetically beautiful.

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