Introducing 1987

Swedish musician 1987 has been a frequent subject here at Radar. This time we’re integrating him even further by starting a digital journal where we get to follow him on his way to the release of  his debut album.

In September last year we got to premiere his debut single Ocean and at the beginning of this year we did our first initial proper greet with him, where we let our readers get more familiar with the man behind 1987, Victor Holmberg. Most recently he made a mixtape for us. Find his blog here and tag along on his exciting journey.

Tell us about your upcoming album/release.
– I just released Bomb my third single and I’m really excited. It’s kind of a different track, a little bit more untz in it. I’m in the middle of finishing my album so I’m kind of locked in my bunker at the moment and focusing, so it’s nice to come out and release something and be able to see a little bit of light. The album is coming early next year.

What will we be able to read bout in your journal/blog?
– I just want to talk a bit about life, thoughts and feelings. Hopefully it will be filled with some substance. I’m gonna talk about what I do here and what I’m working on. As I said I’m now in the middle of finishing my album and I’m feeling a bit weird having to working alone with it. And not being able to talk to someone about it, I’ll probably puke out what’s been on my mind.

– I feel like I’ve just started. But I’m almost finished with the album now. It’s only the beginning though. I feel I still have a long way to g0.

You’ve previously been quite an anonymous artist, what changed your mind?
– I never really made a conscious decision about it. All I wanted was for people to listen to the music. I also think this is the first time it actually felt right having a picture of me.