Introducing Amanda Berg

We’re happy to present our latest addition to the Radar family – Amanda Berg. A confused 25-year-old former ginger kid that’s been in the digital publishing business for many years. We talked about how she got started and her sources of inspiration.

Tell us more about who you are?
I was born as a ginger in Gothenburg but moved to Stockholm three years ago and became extremely blond. When I was ten years old I wanted to be a cartoonist, but that obviously didn’t happen, so instead I became some kind of Dj-ing fashion journalist (how original). This year I decided to quit my job to find myself and figure out what the hell I want to do with my life, so because of that I’ve backpacked through Europe, studied art, philosophy, writing and other typical life-enrichment courses. So yeah, that’s how I am right now. A confused 25-year-old former ginger kid.

You’ve been in the digital publishing business for quite a while, what made you start?
To make a long story short – I started my blog in 2006 because I felt that I needed a place to express myself both visually and in words. Somehow the blog became really big back then and thanks to that I got the oppertunity to work with both fashion design and fashion journalism. In 2011 I went from fashion editor at Metro Gothenburg to fashion director at Modette, which is a fully digital fashion magazine. Anyway, I didn’t plan any of this and I guess I’ve just been in the right place at the right time, which I’m very grateful for!

Photo by Elsa Soläng

What’s the main focus on your blog?
I would say lifestyle, but with a focus on fashion and personal style. My own pictures mixed with inspiration from magazines, blogs, pinterest etc. Oh, I just started posting some recipes too! Cooking is therapy.

Which blogs do you follow yourself (how do you find inspiration)?
I don’t follow so many blogs but I think froufrouu is very inspiring. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. It’s a damn smart place to gather inspiration and you can find my personal board here. If you’re into cooking – Food52 is the place to be to get inspired.

Check out her blog here