Introducing: Emmy Linnea

Get to know Emmy Linnea – our latest contributor. A twenty-four year-old photographer and graphic designer exploring the world’s small mysteries through travels, creativity and beautiful things.

I met this lovely girl for the first time surrounded by mud at Emmabodafestivalen a couple of years ago, and just as the bloggers we were we became internet friends.


Tell us more about you – what do you do except for blogging?
–I think I’m a classic mid-20-year-old-human, in some ways divided in two – being half a youth and half a grown up person. Practically, I’m working as an web editor at but spending my afternoons and weekends hanging around with friends, drinking beer, exploring my surroundings and dancing until early mornings. And of course, documenting the best moments by one of my many cameras.


Why did you decide to start a blog?
–Actually, it wasn’t much of a thought-out plan. It sort of just happened, many years ago. I was somewhere around 14 and blogs were a new thing and as most of the people did, I tried it out. And then I never really stopped. My blogging has evolved in a pretty organic process for around 10 years now (!!!)

What is it about blogging that makes you keep doing it?
–I think I’ve gotten so used to showing my photos somewhere; I really enjoy having a visual journal of my life. I guess I’m also a bit of a junkie of the quick response and dialogue with others. Also I’m being encouraged when people tell me that I inspire others to take photos or in some other way enjoy the small details in life more.



Who’s your favourite photographer?
–A great inspiration of mine, through all these years, is Olof Grind. He taught me things about cameras and photo editing when I was new in the blogosphere and that helped me a lot back then. I’ve been following him for all these years, and he never stops surprising with his magical photos.



What can you see yourself doing ten years from now?
–Oh, I can’t even look one year ahead! A couple of months ago I wrecked my whole life situation by breaking up with my boyfriend, starting a new job and moving from Copenhagen to Malmö during a period of two weeks. So my everyday life has just started to slowly fall into place. In 10 years? I seriously have no idea. Super scary but of course also a bit exciting.

If you were a pattern, what pattern would it be?
–Something truly minimalistic. Or a pattern made out of candy! I’m a true lösgodis-addict. Especially liquorice. So, why not stripes made out of whitespace and liquorice straps?




Your favourite app
Instagram and VSCO cam

Your favourite blog
Eric Smedlund

Your guilty pressure:

Bonde söker fru
Bonde söker fru

If you would instantly be super good at something you now cannot do, what would it be?
Playing drums (in a band!)

What will we see in your blog?
–You will visually be invited into the romanticised parts of my life. Where I’ll show you everything that’s shareable. Mostly everyday photos, but don’t be surprised if you’ll also see some vegetarian recipes, some photo editing tips & tricks, music and book recommendations and secret stories about what’s happening behind the scenes at IKEA.



We are so happy to welcome Emmy Linnea to Radar – time to get inspired!