Introducing: Hilda Holmdahl

19 year old Hilda is a freelance photographer and Radar’s latest addition to the blog family. She spends her money on beer and turtlenecks and will introduce us to excerpts from the teenage climax that her friends and herself are in. Find her blog here!

Tell us more about who you are.
– Hello , my name is Hilda, I’m 19 years old and soon about to graduate from a school in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m a freelance photographer to earn some exra money which I spend on beer, coffee and turtlenecks.

Why did you decide to start a blog?
– I started a blog when I was fourteen, after I received my first camera. I was like any other pre-teen whatsoever, trotting for something that I could define my self with! Ever since then , I’ve used the blog as a forum to keep my creativity alive.

What blogs do you follow yourself?
– Moslty Frida Vega , Monkinodraw, Lovisa Ranta and Linn Wiberg (the last two are right here at radar!)

What will we see in your blog?
– Broadly , I will show you excerpts from the teenage climax that my friends and I are in.