Introducing: Linn Hansson

Get to know Linn Hansson – Radar Magazine’s latest contributor. A twenty-two year-old photographer exploring the fields of fashion and creativity.

Tell us more about who you are?
– I’m born and raised in south Sweden; except for five years when I was a kid and lived in Germany. I grew up with a creative family and I have found myself eager to create, probably because of that.

I moved to Stockholm three years ago to study photography. I graduated last year and have been working as a photographer ever since. Right now I’m assisting a fashion photographer, Frida Marklund, and I love it!

What blogs do you follow yourself?
– Reading blogs has always been something i’ve been doing but this past year i’ve just been following my friends. I’m also a real Instagram nerd and kind of obsessed, I follow a lot of people there. And of course Tumblr, so great!

Why did you decide to start a blog?
– Me and my sister have a big interest for fashion and that started way back. We’ve always been creative together. When I was around fifteen and my sister Bea twelve (such a long time ago now, it’s crazy haha) we decided to start a blog together. Mostly just to showcase our work online. When I come to think of it, it’s probably one of the best things i’ve ever done. To have a blog and to read others have helped me so much to define who I am as a photographer.

What’s your inspiration?
– There are so much things i can find inspiration in: Music, music videos, movies, books, tumblrs, blogs, Instagram, photographers, my family, friends.

Interesting people and people who are dedicated or has a talent for something. I grew up close to the nature so nature has become one of my biggest inspirations as well.

Who’s your favorite photographer?
– I don’t think I have a specific favourite photographer and I always find this question so hard to answer because there are so many. I find myself getting inspired from a new photographer each day it seems, haha. Such a boring answer but I never seem to come up with something better. I do though have a long list of photographers I like on my iPhone notes that I browse through.

What will we see in your blog?
– I mostly let photography speak for itself but this time I’m going to write some more as well and let you get to know me. I’m going to bring you into my everyday life and of course show you a lot of photos. Things that inspire me, collage of photos, graphic design. I’m super excited, I really hope you are going to like it!


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